Superior Infrastructure Starts With Great Network Design

In a perfect and hyper-connected world, businesses would be able to operate swiftly and securely, being able to scale up on demand. The reality is that most businesses are only as good as the infrastructure they’ve created. When timely data and decision-making is crucial, expertly planned and designed networks perform drastically better because they are proactively planned and implemented.

At Hex ITS, we use industry-grade tools combined with the expertise of our network architects & engineers to deliver a world-class solution for every type of business.

Our Network Project Planning system takes into account:

  1. Current enterprise infrastructure (hardware, existing network, IT resources)
  2. Needs and resource assessment
  3. Short-term network planning
  4. Long-term and medium-term network planning
  5. Network system design
  6. Testing and implementation parameters
  7. Post-implementation operations and maintenance

This is followed by a network topology design, hardware planning, and budgeting – all taking into account project implementation that maintains your current network integrity while the expansion or new system is put into place after extensive testing.


Benefits of Network Planning & Design:

Future-proof  Your Network Today!
Cost Predictability
Cost Predictability
Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

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