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Data management is one of the key critical elements of remaining competitive in today’s tech-driven global economy. A modern data strategy should result in a business being fast, responsive, and agile, enabling data-driven decisions to identify and seize opportunities when they arise.

For many businesses, Cloud and Virtualization investments continue to be a top priority in this ever-evolving remote and hybrid work environment for many businesses. That’s why Hex ITS offers Cloud monitoring and management services, so you can have access to the most advanced tech solutions available.

Cloud Setup & Backup Monitoring

Data availability and reliability are imperative for organizations to stay competitive and meet an ever-changing technology landscape. It is critical that data is setup securely and backed up appropriately to mitigate loss in the event of hardware failure, accidental deletion, natural disasters or outages.

Let Hex ITS take over the heavy lifting of managing your backup process and testing to ensure you can quickly recover data from the cloud in the event of any issues.

Disaster Recovery Management

Is your organization prepared to handle any catastrophic event and still be able to serve clients? Sadly, many businesses do not plan for such contingencies, and are not equipped to handle being down for any length of time. The Hex ITS Cloud team can help put together a comprehensive Disaster Resilience and Recovery strategy to support business continuity and ensure that your systems, data and critical applications are always up and running.

Cloud Server Management

Your business runs on data. Storing that data in the cloud is a great way to keep your data safe while saving time and money. However, without proper management, an organization’s cloud environment can easily become a mess. Your business’s data should be managed with the highest levels of security and efficiency.

Cloud server management solutions will ensure that your cloud environment is secure and stable. Hex ITS provides business cloud server hosting and other essential solutions to keep your company’s cloud infrastructure organized, protected and secured, providing you with maximum return on investment.


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Hybrid and remote work are here to stay in Canada and the world. To keep up with this new normal of working, you need to deliver secure and flexible workspaces to your employees (regionally or even globally). From traditional to mobile workers, our managed DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) and VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solutions help you deliver intuitive digital experiences through the cloud while helping you keep pace with changing technology, an evolving workforce, and business growth.


Benefits of Hex ITS Virtualization Solutions:

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